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Swimming Pool Service & Repair in Florida

In Florida, it is important to have a clean and well-maintained swimming pool because of its sunny climate and the tendency for people to have them in their yards. A professional pool service company will be of great help in maintenance as it makes it easier and keeps your pool sparkling throughout the seasons. Nonetheless, there are various factors that influence the cost of pool service such as pool size, location, type, and others. This blog post will look at the average cost of pool service in Florida as well as the Orlando area in particular. Additionally, we shall highlight the advantages of a family-oriented pool service firm and the need for regular maintenance and repair works. Lastly, we shall warn against cheap pool services that can lead to poor quality or safety of your swimming area.

Average Cost of Pool Service & Repair in Florida

Florida’s sunny climate makes swimming pools a very popular backyard feature. However, maintaining a sparkling clean pool requires regular service. Hiring a professional pool service company is the easiest way to keep your pool inviting all year long. But how much does it cost to have your pool professionally cleaned and chemically balanced in Florida?

What Impacts the Cost of Pool Service?

Several factors determine the average cost of basic weekly or biweekly swimming pool maintenance service in Florida:

  • Pool size – Larger pools take longer to clean. Most pool service companies charge by the hour and base the cleaning time on the square footage.
  • Pool location – Pools screened inside lanai areas or in fenced backyards take longer to access. Travel time between jobs impacts service costs.
  • Pool type – The more features a pool has and the more detailed the tile cleaning and maintenance needs are, the higher the service price.
  • Chemicals/supplies – These are usually extra costs in addition to the base cleaning rate.

Average Price for Basic Pool Service

Most Florida pool service companies charge between $75 and $150 monthly for basic maintenance of an average sized inground pool (about 400-500 sq ft). This includes activities like:

  • Testing and balancing chemicals
  • Emptying skimmer and pump baskets
  • Brushing pool walls and stairs
  • Vacuuming/cleaning pool floor

Extra charges usually apply for tile/scum line cleaning, filter backwashing, and chemical supplies.

Pool Service Costs in the Orlando Area

Orlando’s hot tourism market fuels a robust pool service industry. Families flock to Orlando attractions like Disney World and Universal Studios, often staying at vacation rental homes and hotels featuring pools.

The average cost of basic professional pool service in Orlando ranges from $80 to $175 per month. Exact pricing depends on:

  • Pool location – Service calls in resort areas like Kissimmee and Davenport incur transportation fees.
  • Pool size/features – Cleaning multi-level pools, spas, and water features adds labor costs.
  • Chemicals – Pool service companies mark up bulk chemical supplies 20-50% or more.
  • Additional services – Tile scrubbing, filter cleaning, pump basket emptying all add costs.

abapoolservices.us provides reliable weekly pool service in Orlando starting at just $50 per week. As an Orlando area company with lower overhead costs, abapoolservices.us features extremely reasonable rates for high quality service.

What Does a Family-Friendly Pool Service Include?

Pool repair services

Cost of Pool Service & Repair in Florida: Average Rates

Families with children enjoy using swimming pools for exercise, entertainment and bonding time together. But keeping a family pool service, clean and chemically balanced takes diligence and time most parents lack. Hiring a pool service company tailored to a family’s needs makes owning a home pool more enjoyable and less burdensome.

Typical services a family-oriented pool maintenance company like abapoolservices.us provides include:

  • Reliable weekly visits – Regular maintenance prevents small issues from becoming big pool problems.
  • Flexible scheduling – Service appointments work around family activities and pool use.
  • Proper chemical balancing – Correct water chemistry keeps water crystal clear and safe for children’s sensitive skin and eyes.
  • Thorough cleaning – Includes vacuuming, skimming, brushing, tile scrubbing, and filter backwashing. Removes all dirt, debris and contaminants.
  • Safety inspections – Ensures proper operation of safety devices like auto-shutoff valves and enclosure gates. Identifies and corrects potential dangers.

Choosing the right pool service company keeps a family pool well-maintained and enjoyable for children while freeing up parents’ weekends for other family activities.

One Time or Weekly Pool Service - What's Best?

New pool owners often start with a one time pool cleaning service to open their pool for the very first time. This initial service typically includes:

  • Draining and pressure washing dirty standing water
  • Balancing chemicals and making the pool “swimmable”
  • Cleaning pool surfaces and removing stains/scale with acid
  • Installing clean filters and equipment
  • Providing a written service report

Once the pool is clean and operational, owners must choose between DIY maintenance or hiring a weekly service company to keep the pool clean.

The convenience of weekly service is hard to beat. Trained technicians handle all chemical testing and balancing, debris removal, surface brushing, tile scrubbing, filter backwashing and troubleshooting – services that would otherwise eat up a pool owner’s weekends.

abapoolservices.us offers extremely affordable weekly or bi-weekly maintenance plans starting at just $50 per week. Their licensed technicians are experts at keeping pools sparkling all year long.

pool service and repair in florida

Swimming Pool Maintenance & Repair Services

While regular maintenance by a professional pool service company keeps pools clean and functioning for daily enjoyment, repairs and renovations are sometimes needed. Issues like old worn out pumps, cracked tiles, and leaks require a trained service technician.

abapoolservices.us offers the following specialized swimming pool repair and maintenance services:

  • Equipment inspection, repairs & new pump installation
  • Tile and coping repair including underwater epoxy crack repair kits
  • Deck resurfacing with new non-slip coatings
  • Removal of difficult rust, calcium and scale stains
  • Green pool cleanups for neglected algae filled pools
  • Drain and acid wash services for stained pools

In addition to stellar pool maintenance at just $50 per week, abapoolservices.us offers the skill and experience to handle specialized pool repair issues – all at affordable prices.

Pool Service Company Hourly Rates Compared

Most swimming pool service companies charge by the hour rather than a flat monthly fee. Hourly service call rates average from $50 to $150 across Florida. Exact rates depend on a company’s specific location, overhead costs, and demand.

As an Orlando based company, abapoolservices.us features very reasonable hourly service rates starting at just $35.

Their maintenance plans offer even better value at just $50 weekly – less than $12 per hour for well over 4 hours of cleaning, scrubbing, testing and chemical balancing every week. With the convenience of reliable weekly service at affordable locked-in rates, abapoolservices.us allows families to enjoy their pools instead of constantly maintaining them.

Offering Same Day Pool Service Across Florida

Pool equipment fails without warning or pools fall into disrepair and become green and unusable seemingly overnight. Such outages mean family activities revolving around the pool come to an abrupt halt. In such cases, waiting days or even weeks for repairs causes immense disappointment.

abapoolservices.us understands the value clients place on prompt pool service. As a local company, they maintain the staff and inventory to provide same day equipment repair and pool cleanup services across Florida.

Damaged pool heat pumps, broken tile and coping, equipment replacements, acid washes, new coatings, routine maintenance – abapoolservices.us offers all these services on-demand when customers need them immediately.

Pool Service Rates - Beware of Low Quality

Hiring cheap pool service companies may seem like a good money-saving strategy initially. But low rates ultimately lead to inferior, negligent service.

Symptoms of inadequate or substandard pool maintenance include:

  • Cloudy water
  • Green water full of algae
  • Damage from improperly balanced water chemistry
  • Calcium scale buildup
  • Swampy dirty smells
  • Equipment failures from deferred maintenance

Get what you pay for by hiring a professional company like abapoolservices.us for only slightly higher rates. Reliable service guaranteed to keep pools clean, safe and usable all season long ultimately saves money previously wasted on repairs and renovations needed from neglect.

Their $50 weekly maintenance plan provides exceptional service at incredibly affordable prices – cleaner water than pools serviced biweekly by competitors often charging almost double. abapoolservices.us services Orlando area pools reliably each week so families can enjoy clear, clean, safe water whenever they’re ready for a swim.