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Keeping Your Florida Pool Sparkling with ABA Pool Services

In Florida, swimming pools are very common in homes due to the fact that warm weather is experienced throughout the year. However, if a pool is not maintained regularly it can quickly become dirty and unsuitable for swimming. At this point you need services of professionals such as ABA Pool Services.

Importance of Regular Pool Service in Orlando, Florida

The combination of heat, humidity and sometimes heavy rains in Florida favors the growth of algae, bacteria and other contaminants present in swimming pools. Consequently, water becomes murky, smelly and unsafe for people using these facilities. Pools can deteriorate if not serviced weekly.

Some benefits of swimming pool service and repair in Orlando, Florida include:

  • Preventing algae buildup: Due to its high temperature, Florida experiences a rapid build up of algae that gives the water a greenish musty appearance. This is catered for by pool service through maintaining chemical balance that prevents growth of algae.
  • Removing debris: Many things like flowers, leaves, dust find their way into pools; these substances sink to the bottom. Weekly use of vacuum cleaners and skimmers will help keep your water clean.
  • Maintaining safe water: Routine chemical checks ensure proper pH levels, alkalinity levels, chlorine and other factors necessary for cleanliness and safety.
  • Extending the pool’s lifespan: The routine servicing prevents dirt from accumulating on walls or floors in case it leaves stains which are hard to remove. Through early detection, minor repairs can be made before they escalate into major problems.

As Florida’s #1 ranked swimming pool service and repair company, ABA Pool Services provides weekly cleaning and maintenance packages to homeowners in Orlando, Florida due to hot, humid weather year-round, Orlando pools require constant monitoring and service. That’s why we provide pool service in Orlando to keep backyard oases relaxing and refreshing.

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Weekly Pool Service Packages

ABA Pool Services offers three levels of weekly pool service to match different families’ needs and budgets:

1. Essentials Pool Service Package

This basic package includes:

  • Testing and balancing chemicals weekly
  • Removal of surface debris with skimmers and nets
  • Brushing pool walls and floors
  • Monitoring equipment such as pumps, filters and chlorinators
2. Complete Pool Service Package

This popular package contains all Essentials services plus:

  • Vacuuming the pool weekly
  • Cleaning tile surfaces around pool
  • Checking and emptying baskets and traps
  • Inspecting overall equipment for repairs
3. Premier Pool Service Package

This premium package features the complete range of services:

  • All Essentials and Complete package services
  • Automatic chlorine level management
  • Screening and removal of large debris
  • Higher priority on service schedule
  • Quarterly filter cleanings included

The pricing for the Essentials, Complete, and Premier packages can vary depending on factors such as pool size and location. To get the specific rates for your pool, it is best to contact the service provider directly. They will be able to provide you with accurate pricing information based on your specific requirements.

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One Time Pool Service

For homeowners who maintain their own pools but need periodic assistance, ABA Pool Services offers expert one time pool services on request.

One time pool service includes brushing, skimming, vacuuming, emptying traps, testing/balancing chemicals, and inspecting equipment. We can schedule single pool cleanings on short notice to restore sparkling clean pools before big events.

Pool cleaning services can have different prices depending on the size of the pool. The bigger ones can take a lot of time and resources to clean them up well making it costly in the end. Therefore, always consult a pool care expert for accurate estimation that is based on your particular pool size and requirements.

Saving Money by Using One Time Service Before and After Your Pool is Closed

Savvy Florida homeowners utilize one time cleanings both before opening and after closing their pools for the season. A deep pre-season cleaning ensures contaminants don’t sit all summer. And a thorough year-end cleaning removes all debris before closing down the pool. Scheduling one time cleanings before these events saves money over weekly service during months when pools aren’t being used regularly.

Family Pool Service

In addition to first-class cleaning and maintenance, ABA Pool Services prioritizes family safety. Some ways we bring specialized care to family pools include:

Child Safety Features
  • Install secure gates, fences, locks, alarms, and safety covers above and beyond Florida legal requirements
Specialized Chemical Management
  • Use chlorine types suitable for family pools with shock treatments avoiding harsh chemicals
Thorough Contaminant Removal
  • Take extra care removing all leaves, debris & insects regularly to prevent any issues in family pools
Employee Screenings and Training
  • Pre-screen all pool techs for safety working around families and ensure thorough, expert family pool service training.

As parents ourselves, we understand how vital family safety is. Contact ABA Pool Services today to discuss family pool services focused on your family’s protection and peace-of-mind.

Cheap Pool Service Rates

In addition to providing first-class service, ABA Pool Services prides itself on offering affordable prices averaging 20-30% below other leading pool companies in Florida. Some ways we provide budget-friendly pool service rates:

  • Operating efficiency from 10+ years experience servicing Florida pools
  • Buying equipment and chemicals in bulk at wholesale prices
  • State-of-the-art route planning to minimize miles driven
  • No selling overpriced “upgrades” – we only recommend required and relevant services

ABA passes these overhead and operational savings directly on with reasonable prices across all service packages to make quality pool care accessible for Florida families. And our HomeAdvisor recognition for cheap pool service and ratings despite such fair rates proves you truly can have both great service AND great prices!

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Same Day Pool Service in Florida

Pool owners understand how frustrating it is when unexpected issues arise. Over years serving so many Florida pools, ABA has seen it all. We know problems sometimes come up at the least convenient times.

That’s why we offer same day pool service in Florida for emergency incidents like pump failures, filter issues, leaks, or chemical imbalances making water unsafe. While we can’t guarantee same day service in all cases, we do our best to respond on short notice when needed.

Common reasons homeowners require same day pool service:

  • Cloudy or green water
  • Equipment repairs or replacements
  • Filter cleanings or part installations
  • Maintenance before big events
  • Anything making water unsafe for pets or guests

If something unexpected comes up with your pool, contact us immediately for same day service availability. We know getting your pool fixed ASAP is critically important, especially in hot Florida summers.

Why Choose ABA Pool Services?

With options from big franchises to solo operators, there is no shortage of pool service companies to choose from. So why choose ABA?

10+ Years Experience

You want professionals servicing your expensive pool system who really know what they’re doing. ABA Pool Services brings two decades of experience handling every imaginable pool issue Florida weather can produce. No surprises here – just rock solid service week after week.

Exceptional Reviews

Our outstanding service is backed by glowing customer reviews. Pool owners across the state repeatedly praise our quality service, fair prices, and friendly technicians. We take pride in delivering excellent service and customer satisfaction.

Ranked Florida’s #1 Pool Service

In addition to rave customer reviews, HomeAdvisor has officially ranked ABA Pool Services as Florida’s #1 pool service company based on our service quality, timeliness, pricing and satisfaction ratings. We’re proud to claim the title as the state’s premier professionals!

Ready for crystal clear water and hassle-free pool ownership this season? 

Contact the premier provider ABA Pool Services today at (407)-249-2509 or abapoolservices@gmail.com for professional weekly or one time service. Your backyard oasis awaits!