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Pool Cleaning

Palm Beach County

Leave Your Pool Cleaning, Maintenance and Repairs to the Professionals Of Palm Beach County

When it comes to having your pool cleaned, serviced or repaired you don’t want to leave the job up to just anyone. Even if you try to handle taking care of your pool by yourself the challenge can be insurmountable. That’s why it’s important to contact pool companies like us at ABA Pool Services. We are family owned and operated within Palm Beach County. We also carry all the correct licensure including CPO and we’re fully insured. That gives us the ability to fully service your pool and spa. If you don’t already have a pool service company we are happy to help, there isn’t anything that we can’t do for you!


We’re Your Local Swimming Pool Cleaner

Don’t worry about keeping your pool in perfect shape, we can handle the cleaning, repairs, maintenance and renovations for you. It is our mission to provide the safest swimming environment possible for you, your family and friends. We’re the professional pool service company that offers affordable solutions that will easily fit your budget. Find out more when you call us for a free consultation. We give our customers the opportunity to focus on entertaining and swimming instead of maintenance and cleaning. Let crystal clear waters encourage you to keep swimming. You’ll enjoy balanced PH levels and chemicals too and be confident that your pool filters and equipment are all working properly at optimal efficiency.  No matter what type of pool services you need we are here to help!

​Our Pool Services Include the Following:

  • Pool Cleaning

  • Pool Resurfacing

  • Pool Repair

  • Pool Maintenance

  • Pool Renovations

  • Pool Equipment Installation

  • Pool Equipment Repairs


Contact Us

Contact us to learn more about our affordable pool services that make swimming in your pool a sheer joy. We look forward to hearing from you.


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